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Beach Therapy Virgin Islands is the perfect place to take time for yourself and to reach your therapeutic goals. There is a focus on self-care as a part of the therapeutic services to promote emotional wellness. This is where clients will receive help to identify, address and overcome life's struggles through customized treatment plans tailored to their individual needs.

Teletherapy- Talk Therapy 

I provide only teletherapy sessions, so you can access my services from the comfort and safety of your own home. The teletherapy sessions are conducted over secure and private video conferencing, allowing you to work with your therapist from anywhere. I strive to provide the same quality care that you would get in an office setting. The services are tailored to your individual needs and are delivered with the same level of expertise and reliability as an in-person session

Self-Care Workshops

The Self-Care Workshops offers you the opportunity to learn about self-care strategies, tips, and education to help you manage stress and build resilience. An in-depth exploration into the importance of self-care will be shared, along with how to help with taking better care of your mental and physical wellbeing. This workshop will provide you with the tools and resources to create a self-care plan tailored to your individual needs. Join me in learning more about how to prioritize and nurture yourself.


To inquire about starting therapy sessions, a free introductory call can be scheduled by sending an email to



Contact/Hire Me- Media & Partnership Requests 

Send an email to, for media & partnership inquiries  

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