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What is Self-Care?

Updated: Mar 10

Written By: Natalie Lewis

September 27, 2023

Let's talk about self-care. Self-care is the things that you do for yourself, to soothe you, to calm you down, or to make you feel better emotionally, physically and for your own mental well-being. This is where you are free to take care of yourself with no apologies. Often times we find ourselves taking care of everyone else and leaving ourselves undone. Not doing self-care activities can lead to feeling overwhelmed and with a lot of frustration. A lack of self care can show up in you having a lack of: energy, focus, concentration and irritability may begin to seep in as well. Feelings of sadness can also be attributed to a lack of self-care. Without giving yourself the time and attention that you need to unwind, and simply relax, this can then lead to stress. And in my opinion stress is one of the silent killers.

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